Chatham Boat Company Blog

Spring is right around the corner here at Chatham Boat Company!

We have all been diligently working this winter to get all our customers boat shrinkwrapped, decommissioned and tucked away for the winter.

Kevin has been up to his ears in Shrinkwrap plastic, bagging all unused or extra shrinkwrap for our recycle program we have. Every boat that is shrinkwrapped or de-shrinkwrapped the plastic is always recycled through a program Kellogg offers. We are keen on going green!

Joe has been in the engine room making sure everyone’s engines are fogged out and fuel is stabilized for the long winter sitting. DONT FORGET!! Always stabilize your fuel, due to the amount of ethanol in the gas now it is very easy for your carburetors to become clogged, and a clogged carburetor is an angry carburetor, one that is temperamental and won’t let your engine go full-throttle like it wants to!

Tim is working on a couple of different projects now. We are completely ripping the decking off a boat and pretty much redoing it all. A new fuel tank, deck and moving the center console, Jon will have a new boat by the end of this project! Sammy has been hanging out in the office with me (all of you who know Tim, know his shadow Sammy, he is a plump, happy go-lucky lab), if you ever drive by and have a minute to stop in Sammy would love to greet you at the door!

As for us “office” folk…we have been preparing ourselves for the madness known as commissioning season!

Hope to talk to you all soon, and stay tuned on our new blog for future updates!

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