Welcome Back Joe!

He made it back safe and sound from Viva La Vegas!

Welcome Back Mr. Joe Britt! For everyone who is a customer or a friend to Chatham Boat Company know this familiar face but he goes by many different names: Honda Joe, Joey, JoJo, but one thing always remains the same with him: he knows a heck of a lot about Marine Engines!

This is Joe’s 5th season working for us, and he has proven to be quite an asset. From on-the-go projects, tune-ups, carburetor rebuilds, diesel work to installing new engines or repairing steering equipment, Joe can do it all.

Joe is a Honda Certified Marine Tech and has excelled in all the Honda Courses he has had to take to become one and obtain this title.  This makes selling and servicing the best quality, most fuel-efficient, best performing, and lowest cost-to-own outboards on the water, a breeze.

“They [Honda Outboards] are extremely reliable, quiet, smooth operating and very fuel-efficient. You can’t go wrong with a Honda”

 – Joe Britt

Being a Honda Dealer, approximately 45% of customers have bought Honda Engines from us and bring them back here for service every year. One of the many reasons for this is due to the price we are able to sell them at. CBC’s selling price is at least 30% below suggest retail. How is this possible you may ask? Buying Power. Although we are a local business, we are expanding more and more each year. Starting out in 2007 selling around 19 engines a year, we have been able to more than double that in 2010. Another reason for buying a Honda is the name. Honda has been manufacturing Outboard engines for 47 years, and has won numerous and consecutive awards. They are a customer based manufacturer, which makes dealing with them very simple and straight-forward.

“My Honda Engine has save my butt more times than I can count”

– Thomas George, customer of CBC since 2007.

Want a new Honda Outboard but don’t have the money up front? NO PROBLEM! Honda offers financing with as low as 2.99% APR. Always having on hand inventory, come on by and check them out yourself and grab a financing form!  Their true 5 year warranty can and will NOT be beat!

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