From Land to Sea…

Did you know that Chatham Boat Company can assist you with virtually any boating need you may have? From land to sea, Chatham Boat Company is key!

We’ll start with the small stuff: Ever go to put your boat in the water and realize it is taking on way too much water? Your kids and wife are screaming at you that “the boat is sinking!”, “This is all your fault!”, “I hate this boat!”…any of these sound familiar yet? Yep it’s that dreaded drain plug that somehow always manages to go missing when it is time to put the boat back in the water. Well dont fear, Chatham Boat is here! We have an array of drain plugs, brass, plastic, rubber in all different sizes just waiting to save your day. But that is not all we have in our ‘Ship Store’, we have everything you will need for boating. From mandatory safety items such as flares, buoyant cushions all the way to a hitch pin for your drop on the trailer. Why travel to Hyannis or Orleans, come shop at your local business and save yourself the time, stress and money! We will match all prices on our items in the ‘Ship Store’. See something you like at West Marine but can’t stand battling the traffic? Once again, Chatham Boat is here to save your day. If you are looking for something we don’t happen to carry in the store, we will get it to you by 9am the next day (excluding sat/sun in the winter time).

Have an oversized boat that needs to be hauled, launched or transported? Not a problem. With our Chatham Boat Company Blue Robo Mac anything is possible. Our mac is equipped with a 300 horse Mac engine with an automatic transmission and a 45,000 lb winch for retrieving the trailer on launch ramps. Behind it we tow our 20 ton hydraulic trailer that is outfitted with landing wheels to make the hauling and launching a breeze.  It is also capable of hauling and or launching a sailboat with a seven-foot draw! And hey, it looks pretty cool too!

Give us a call if you’d like more information, or you are looking for a specific part. We’d love to help any way we can!

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