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Some Spring Readying!

March 21, 2011

Kevin Prepping for Spring

We had a couple of false alarms with Spring here in Chatham, but we are hoping that means Spring will come early this year (us and every other Cape Coddah)! The guys out back are starting to prep and prime for the upcoming influx of boats we will have here in our yard. Kevin has made the Spray Room, his second home with the amount of boats we have that are here needing a paint job. From matching colors to completely stripping the old bottom paint off of boats, Kevin is doing it all. Every day I see him he is a new color, green, blue or red. And frankly, he can pull it off! ūüôā

Jackson Prepping the Beachcomber Boats

Welcome Back Jackson!
Here Jackson is prepping the Beachcomber Boats for the 2011 Summer Season. Beachcomber offers all sorts of amazing trips on the waters of Chatham. Perfect for a honeymooning couple, birthday present, family outing or just a couple of hours to get away from the chaos of the Cape in the Summer time. Please visit or call Paula at (508) 945-5265 for more information!
We have received at least¬†20+ commissioning requests so far in the past week and a half which is great news. So if you have yet to send your request in, get them in! Via fax (508) 945-7460, email @ or mail them in to Chatham Boat Company, 174 Crowell Road, Chatham MA 02633. Remember, it is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and they do need to be in our office no later than 30 days in advance of your “Make Ready Date”.

They’reeee baaaccck!

March 9, 2011

The grass is starting to look green, the buds are starting to pop up out of the ground and the phone is actually starting to ring again!

It is almost Spring Time! We have been writing, printing, folding, addressing and stamping all the new 2011 commissioning letters and rate sheets to be sent our to all our eager boating customers. This year we were able to keep the rate sheet the same as last year! No price increases here at Chatham Boat Company. At a rate of $90 per hour for mechanic work on site, and $105 per hour off site: we remain one of the top leaders in competitive pricing. Our hope is to keep the prices as low as possible, especially with the projected diesel and fuel prices for this summer!

If you are a customer of ours and reading this blog post make sure you remember to send in your commissioning request and to sign the back agreement. It is first come, first serve for make ready requests and please be advised that there are two very busy dates for make readys¬†in the summer time: Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. So please plan accordingly. Our objective is to get everyone’s boats ready and in the water by their make ready date, but please also keep in mind that weather¬†plays a serious role in our abilities¬†to meet our deadlines. Another thing to keep in mind is when you are called to pick up your boat, make sure you come and pick it up as early as you are able. Our yard can get very full, very fast and boats sitting will slow the process of other boats being worked on.

Chatham Boat Company will also be offering FREE TRAILER INSPECTIONS this year. Leaf Springs, Axles, Bearings, they all need to be checked on a regular basis due to the hauling and launching in salt water. Making sure you wash down the boat and trailer each time will definitely slow the normal wear and tear.

Chatham Boat Company is gearing up for our 10th Season! And with that comes a new tradition. We are in the works for a Road Race this summer and can’t wait to share more details when they all fall in place!

Stay warm and keep Spring in mind, it is right around the corner!

OH! and don’t forget, Daylight Saving Time Begins this weekend (March 13th)! Come on Spring!

18′ SeaCraft Project

March 1, 2011

The beginning of a new project we are working on here at CBC. This picture is from the cavity of an 18′ SeaCraft . Let’s play a game here…name the problem!

If you guessed rotten fuel damage, ding ding ding, you are correct! This was mainly due to corrosion to the gas tank, which was also the original gas tank in the boat. This is what Timmy came across when he removed the center console revealing the top of the gas tank. Pretty gnarly huh?

The outside of the tank had never been treated leading to massive corrosion, mold, 150 pounds of excessive weight and lots of damage.

Fuel/water was leaking outside of the tank and saturating the foam surrounding it.

Tim pulled out all the gas/water saturated foam,rotten fuel fillerand vent¬†hoses, and the existing 30 gallon tank¬† and cleaned out the cavity¬†thoroughly to prep and install a new 50 gallon gas tank. He¬†fit the new tank (a “dry run”), then removed¬†and ttreated it with Alumiprep and Alodine to provide¬†good¬†paint adhesion.¬†The tank now awaits several coats of anti-corrosion paint.

¬†As you can see in this picture, not only was everything cleaned and new parts installed, but the tank itself will be moved forward when all is said and done. Tim fabricated and installed a support for the front end of the tank which will be slid in a total of 16″ underneath the forward deck. This shifts the front of the tank a total of 36″ forward of where it used to be.¬† The other great aspect of this is if this gas tank ever needed to be worked on again (which it won’t be unless Mr. California runs it hard¬†aground ;] ) the console is moved just enough to place the main deck panel beneath it, therefore you will be able to remove the gas tank WITHOUT removing the console!¬† How cool is that?!

Another bonus for the customer is the previous hatch that covered the bilge pump was inoperable and a down right pain. The scuppers were high and the hatch just would not stay sealed, this led to the boat sinking, not only once but twice due to the constant still water. The hatch was also very small so working¬†on the bilge was incredibly time-consuming. ¬†So Tim¬†will now install a new bigger, water tight¬†hatch so the bilge is accessible after Kevin raises the transom and deck¬†and installs new scuppers. This will¬†prevent the¬†“splash over”¬†in reverse and on the mooring¬†that was such a problem with this boat and excellent drainage. No more standing water on deck!

Not only is it more convenient to have it built this way, but also the boat performance itself will only be enhanced. This shift will center the boat so it will also sit better on the water, the only thing that will make this boat absolutely perfect is a nice, beautiful fuel-efficient Honda 4-Stroke Engine.

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