They’reeee baaaccck!

The grass is starting to look green, the buds are starting to pop up out of the ground and the phone is actually starting to ring again!

It is almost Spring Time! We have been writing, printing, folding, addressing and stamping all the new 2011 commissioning letters and rate sheets to be sent our to all our eager boating customers. This year we were able to keep the rate sheet the same as last year! No price increases here at Chatham Boat Company. At a rate of $90 per hour for mechanic work on site, and $105 per hour off site: we remain one of the top leaders in competitive pricing. Our hope is to keep the prices as low as possible, especially with the projected diesel and fuel prices for this summer!

If you are a customer of ours and reading this blog post make sure you remember to send in your commissioning request and to sign the back agreement. It is first come, first serve for make ready requests and please be advised that there are two very busy dates for make readys in the summer time: Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. So please plan accordingly. Our objective is to get everyone’s boats ready and in the water by their make ready date, but please also keep in mind that weather plays a serious role in our abilities to meet our deadlines. Another thing to keep in mind is when you are called to pick up your boat, make sure you come and pick it up as early as you are able. Our yard can get very full, very fast and boats sitting will slow the process of other boats being worked on.

Chatham Boat Company will also be offering FREE TRAILER INSPECTIONS this year. Leaf Springs, Axles, Bearings, they all need to be checked on a regular basis due to the hauling and launching in salt water. Making sure you wash down the boat and trailer each time will definitely slow the normal wear and tear.

Chatham Boat Company is gearing up for our 10th Season! And with that comes a new tradition. We are in the works for a Road Race this summer and can’t wait to share more details when they all fall in place!

Stay warm and keep Spring in mind, it is right around the corner!

OH! and don’t forget, Daylight Saving Time Begins this weekend (March 13th)! Come on Spring!

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