Some Spring Readying!

Kevin Prepping for Spring

We had a couple of false alarms with Spring here in Chatham, but we are hoping that means Spring will come early this year (us and every other Cape Coddah)! The guys out back are starting to prep and prime for the upcoming influx of boats we will have here in our yard. Kevin has made the Spray Room, his second home with the amount of boats we have that are here needing a paint job. From matching colors to completely stripping the old bottom paint off of boats, Kevin is doing it all. Every day I see him he is a new color, green, blue or red. And frankly, he can pull it off! 🙂

Jackson Prepping the Beachcomber Boats

Welcome Back Jackson!
Here Jackson is prepping the Beachcomber Boats for the 2011 Summer Season. Beachcomber offers all sorts of amazing trips on the waters of Chatham. Perfect for a honeymooning couple, birthday present, family outing or just a couple of hours to get away from the chaos of the Cape in the Summer time. Please visit or call Paula at (508) 945-5265 for more information!
We have received at least 20+ commissioning requests so far in the past week and a half which is great news. So if you have yet to send your request in, get them in! Via fax (508) 945-7460, email @ or mail them in to Chatham Boat Company, 174 Crowell Road, Chatham MA 02633. Remember, it is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and they do need to be in our office no later than 30 days in advance of your “Make Ready Date”.

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