Poli Glow

Picture this. Your boat is sitting calmly on your mooring, the wind is blowly your hair effortlessly across your forehead, you see another boat come up the old South Way and you realize “Hey that’s the same boat as mine!” Then as you look closer you realize that your boat looks dirty, grungy and dull compared to THAT guy’s boat. “Well what the heck” you think to yourself. “Why does his boat look better than mine?!”

Two words. Poli. Glow.

“I would have never sold my boat if it was not for Kevin’s hard work in poliglowing my hull.”
– John Wisniewski

Poli Glow is a proven boat polish, this is NOT a boat wax. It is easily applied, and it eliminates the need for rubbing or buffing.

Boat before Poli GlowHull before Poli GlowBow before Poli Glow


Hull of Boat before Poli Glow

Kevin sanded the boat down with 600 grit sandpaper, then applied four coats of Ploi Glow to get the finished look.

Hull after Poli GlowBoat after Poli Glow


Bow after Poli Glow

As you can tell in the pictures, the difference between before and after is remarkable. It looks almost like a brand new boat! Poli Glow services are rendered here at Chatham Boat Company and is charged out at $60/hr plus materials.
Poli Glow can also be used on other surfaces such as: RV’s, Canoes, Motorhomes, Painted Fiberglass, Painted Metals, Rubber and Vinyl Lettering.

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