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Poli Glow

May 19, 2011

Picture this. Your boat is sitting calmly on your mooring, the wind is blowly your hair effortlessly across your forehead, you see another boat come up the old South Way and you realize “Hey that’s the same boat as mine!” Then as you look closer you realize that your boat looks dirty, grungy and dull compared to THAT guy’s boat. “Well what the heck” you think to yourself. “Why does his boat look better than mine?!”

Two words. Poli. Glow.

“I would have never sold my boat if it was not for Kevin’s hard work in poliglowing my hull.”
– John Wisniewski

Poli Glow is a proven boat polish, this is NOT a boat wax. It is easily applied, and it eliminates the need for rubbing or buffing.

Boat before Poli GlowHull before Poli GlowBow before Poli Glow


Hull of Boat before Poli Glow

Kevin sanded the boat down with 600 grit sandpaper, then applied four coats of Ploi Glow to get the finished look.

Hull after Poli GlowBoat after Poli Glow


Bow after Poli Glow

As you can tell in the pictures, the difference between before and after is remarkable. It looks almost like a brand new boat! Poli Glow services are rendered here at Chatham Boat Company and is charged out at $60/hr plus materials.
Poli Glow can also be used on other surfaces such as: RV’s, Canoes, Motorhomes, Painted Fiberglass, Painted Metals, Rubber and Vinyl Lettering.

Some Spring Readying!

March 21, 2011

Kevin Prepping for Spring

We had a couple of false alarms with Spring here in Chatham, but we are hoping that means Spring will come early this year (us and every other Cape Coddah)! The guys out back are starting to prep and prime for the upcoming influx of boats we will have here in our yard. Kevin has made the Spray Room, his second home with the amount of boats we have that are here needing a paint job. From matching colors to completely stripping the old bottom paint off of boats, Kevin is doing it all. Every day I see him he is a new color, green, blue or red. And frankly, he can pull it off! 🙂

Jackson Prepping the Beachcomber Boats

Welcome Back Jackson!
Here Jackson is prepping the Beachcomber Boats for the 2011 Summer Season. Beachcomber offers all sorts of amazing trips on the waters of Chatham. Perfect for a honeymooning couple, birthday present, family outing or just a couple of hours to get away from the chaos of the Cape in the Summer time. Please visit or call Paula at (508) 945-5265 for more information!
We have received at least 20+ commissioning requests so far in the past week and a half which is great news. So if you have yet to send your request in, get them in! Via fax (508) 945-7460, email @ or mail them in to Chatham Boat Company, 174 Crowell Road, Chatham MA 02633. Remember, it is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and they do need to be in our office no later than 30 days in advance of your “Make Ready Date”.

They’reeee baaaccck!

March 9, 2011

The grass is starting to look green, the buds are starting to pop up out of the ground and the phone is actually starting to ring again!

It is almost Spring Time! We have been writing, printing, folding, addressing and stamping all the new 2011 commissioning letters and rate sheets to be sent our to all our eager boating customers. This year we were able to keep the rate sheet the same as last year! No price increases here at Chatham Boat Company. At a rate of $90 per hour for mechanic work on site, and $105 per hour off site: we remain one of the top leaders in competitive pricing. Our hope is to keep the prices as low as possible, especially with the projected diesel and fuel prices for this summer!

If you are a customer of ours and reading this blog post make sure you remember to send in your commissioning request and to sign the back agreement. It is first come, first serve for make ready requests and please be advised that there are two very busy dates for make readys in the summer time: Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. So please plan accordingly. Our objective is to get everyone’s boats ready and in the water by their make ready date, but please also keep in mind that weather plays a serious role in our abilities to meet our deadlines. Another thing to keep in mind is when you are called to pick up your boat, make sure you come and pick it up as early as you are able. Our yard can get very full, very fast and boats sitting will slow the process of other boats being worked on.

Chatham Boat Company will also be offering FREE TRAILER INSPECTIONS this year. Leaf Springs, Axles, Bearings, they all need to be checked on a regular basis due to the hauling and launching in salt water. Making sure you wash down the boat and trailer each time will definitely slow the normal wear and tear.

Chatham Boat Company is gearing up for our 10th Season! And with that comes a new tradition. We are in the works for a Road Race this summer and can’t wait to share more details when they all fall in place!

Stay warm and keep Spring in mind, it is right around the corner!

OH! and don’t forget, Daylight Saving Time Begins this weekend (March 13th)! Come on Spring!

From Land to Sea…

February 22, 2011

Did you know that Chatham Boat Company can assist you with virtually any boating need you may have? From land to sea, Chatham Boat Company is key!

We’ll start with the small stuff: Ever go to put your boat in the water and realize it is taking on way too much water? Your kids and wife are screaming at you that “the boat is sinking!”, “This is all your fault!”, “I hate this boat!”…any of these sound familiar yet? Yep it’s that dreaded drain plug that somehow always manages to go missing when it is time to put the boat back in the water. Well dont fear, Chatham Boat is here! We have an array of drain plugs, brass, plastic, rubber in all different sizes just waiting to save your day. But that is not all we have in our ‘Ship Store’, we have everything you will need for boating. From mandatory safety items such as flares, buoyant cushions all the way to a hitch pin for your drop on the trailer. Why travel to Hyannis or Orleans, come shop at your local business and save yourself the time, stress and money! We will match all prices on our items in the ‘Ship Store’. See something you like at West Marine but can’t stand battling the traffic? Once again, Chatham Boat is here to save your day. If you are looking for something we don’t happen to carry in the store, we will get it to you by 9am the next day (excluding sat/sun in the winter time).

Have an oversized boat that needs to be hauled, launched or transported? Not a problem. With our Chatham Boat Company Blue Robo Mac anything is possible. Our mac is equipped with a 300 horse Mac engine with an automatic transmission and a 45,000 lb winch for retrieving the trailer on launch ramps. Behind it we tow our 20 ton hydraulic trailer that is outfitted with landing wheels to make the hauling and launching a breeze.  It is also capable of hauling and or launching a sailboat with a seven-foot draw! And hey, it looks pretty cool too!

Give us a call if you’d like more information, or you are looking for a specific part. We’d love to help any way we can!

Welcome Back Joe!

February 17, 2011

He made it back safe and sound from Viva La Vegas!

Welcome Back Mr. Joe Britt! For everyone who is a customer or a friend to Chatham Boat Company know this familiar face but he goes by many different names: Honda Joe, Joey, JoJo, but one thing always remains the same with him: he knows a heck of a lot about Marine Engines!

This is Joe’s 5th season working for us, and he has proven to be quite an asset. From on-the-go projects, tune-ups, carburetor rebuilds, diesel work to installing new engines or repairing steering equipment, Joe can do it all.

Joe is a Honda Certified Marine Tech and has excelled in all the Honda Courses he has had to take to become one and obtain this title.  This makes selling and servicing the best quality, most fuel-efficient, best performing, and lowest cost-to-own outboards on the water, a breeze.

“They [Honda Outboards] are extremely reliable, quiet, smooth operating and very fuel-efficient. You can’t go wrong with a Honda”

 – Joe Britt

Being a Honda Dealer, approximately 45% of customers have bought Honda Engines from us and bring them back here for service every year. One of the many reasons for this is due to the price we are able to sell them at. CBC’s selling price is at least 30% below suggest retail. How is this possible you may ask? Buying Power. Although we are a local business, we are expanding more and more each year. Starting out in 2007 selling around 19 engines a year, we have been able to more than double that in 2010. Another reason for buying a Honda is the name. Honda has been manufacturing Outboard engines for 47 years, and has won numerous and consecutive awards. They are a customer based manufacturer, which makes dealing with them very simple and straight-forward.

“My Honda Engine has save my butt more times than I can count”

– Thomas George, customer of CBC since 2007.

Want a new Honda Outboard but don’t have the money up front? NO PROBLEM! Honda offers financing with as low as 2.99% APR. Always having on hand inventory, come on by and check them out yourself and grab a financing form!  Their true 5 year warranty can and will NOT be beat!

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